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Fancy Fibers Farm:
Fancy Fibers Farm raises Angora goats, Shetland sheep, and the rare and beautiful Suri alpacas in order to harvest their soft and luscious fibers.  That fiber is then washed, blended, carded, and dyed (sometimes) and sold to hand spinners across the United States through the Fancy Fibers retail store.  Hand spinners who purchase their fiber can feel certain that the animals from which the fiber was harvest were not mistreated in any way.  In fact, many of their critters are friendly enough to pet!​

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Jacob Reward Farm:

Jacob’s Reward Farm is a hands-on fiber community where we raise Jacob sheep, Gulf Coast Native sheep and gentle alpacas for fiber. They share our fiber through a CSA program where shareholders divide 100% of the harvest once a year. They also raise laying hens for pasture-fresh eggs. For those new to fiber arts, they teach spinning and knitting in the fiber studio, the Little Red Barn.

​Paca D’Lites – Alpaca Ranch:
Paca D’Lites Alpaca Ranch is a family owned and run business. Tim and Cyndi have lived in Parker, Texas, on a little over 4 acres since 1992. They currently have three beautiful children who absolutely love their animals! Alpacas are a great business for the entire family! Click here for more information!

DFW Fiber Fest:
DFW Fiber Fest is the premier annual fiber event in the Dallas-Fort Worth community.  Held each Spring, DFW Fiber Fest is a locally focused non-profit organization that offers both vendors and classes.  We bring in a juried selection of local and regional fiber vendors (with a few who are from outside of our regional area to spice up the mix).  Educationally, we offer a slate of classes from both nationally known and local teachers in the fiber arts - primarily in knitting, crochet, and spinning! 
Click here for more information!