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$12.99 ea.

Little Pictures Take Along Kit:
$12.99 ea.
This kit has many different projects to choose from! Complete kit includes  a 5 ½ x 5 ½  piece of wool felt,  ½   ounce of hand dyed roving in an assortment of colors, one 38 needle, and written instructions using rubber stamps for your design. Linda J has also added an idea sheet on how to use these little pictures.

Sm: $9.99 ea.

lg: $12.99 ea.

$28.00 ea.

Take along kits are packaged in boxes you can carry with you to doctor visits, car trips, or plane trips. you just take them "along" wherever you go! All take along kits come with written instructions and complete with all the material needed to make the creation. 

$12.99 ea.

$12.99 ea.

Christmas Ornament Take Along Kit:

$12.99 ea.

Complete kit includes written instructions with an array of roving in Christmas colors, 2 felting needles, a fancy hook and a felted ball. 

Extra felted balls can be purchased for $5.00 ea.

Knitting Gnome Take Along Kit:

$28.00 ea.
Complete instructions, hand blown glass eyes, leather belt, wooden heart stand, knitting needles, 2 felting needles, curly wool for hair and beard and plenty of roving to finish this 6" gnome. 

Take Along Kits:

Wildflower Studio

Frosty the Snowman Take Along Kit:
Small: $9.99 or
Large: $12.99

Complete with written instructions, pre felted wool ball, roving for his hat and nose, one 38 star felting needle, fancy hook and small Christmas embellishments for his hat. He comes in 2 sizes!